[Systems] New VMs need to be added to nameserver

Steven Parrish smparrish at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 13:17:07 EDT 2010

Hi guys, I got 2 new VMs on bender which need to be added to the
nameserver.  they are buildslave-fedora-13-32bit and
buildslave-fedora-13-64bit.  I had to clone
buildserver-fedora-11-64bit to 13 since I could not find the
fedora-12-64bit image.  Once you get these setup on dns I need someone
who has admin rights to login to the 13-64bit vm and set me up on that
VM.  I'm good on the 32bit one since I cloned that one from then
12-32bit image.


ps btw I noticed the image for buildslave-fedora-12-64bit is missing.
any idea where it went or do I need to make a new one.

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