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Rafael Enrique Ortiz Guerrero rafael at sugarlabs.org
Sun Feb 21 16:33:00 EST 2010

On Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 5:58 PM, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at codewiz.org> wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-02-16 at 22:07 -0500, Rafael Enrique Ortiz Guerrero wrote:
>> Gustavo and  people in Argentina, are needing the usual things we set
>> up for local Labs, Wiki and google-apps, maybe a maillist (if they
>> wish so..). Gustavo or  Gonzalo can admin.
>> I'm very glad that the group there is beginning to take shape!.
>> Thanks for your help on this Bernie..
> Sorry for the late reply, I could not find the time to get this done.
> So, I've just created a non-profit Google Apps account for
> ar.sugarlabs.org and I'm creating initial admin users. I'll also set up
> the Wiki shortly.
> As for the mailing-list, we have a policy of at least 5 subscribers
> before creating a new mailing-list to avoid many desert lists.
> For all the above, we could also use Icarito's "somosazucar.org" domain,
> if you like.

For this i would let Gustavo and Gonzalo decide..

> Where are Gustavo and Gonzalo located? I'm in Paraguay, so maybe not too
> far away from them!

They are in Argentina..so it's not too far away :).

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