[Systems] Wiki unresponsive

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Fri Feb 19 11:53:11 EST 2010

On Fri, 2010-02-19 at 09:51 -0500, Chris Ball wrote:
> I have the same objections to this theory as last time -- I logged in
> to solarsail while the wiki was totally unresponsive:  the load was
> low, sites other than the wiki were responsive, and an Xorg build was
> not running at the time.
> A theory of wiki unresponsiveness due to increased I/O from the
> tinderbox needs to explain why the wiki continues to be down when
> the tinderbox is not currently running.

I'm starting from assumption that Mediawiki wouldn't become
intermittently unresponsive on its own, because PHP applications are
mostly stateless. So I'm looking for external causes first, starting
from those causing most activity.

Was there any change to your tinderbox that could explain the increase
in I/O and CPU load we're seeing?

Another thing to investigate is the sudden increase in MySQL queries.
Since there's no corresponding increase in web traffic, I'd tend to
exclude web applications. What else is using MySQL on solarsail?

Analyzing intermittent performance issues from remote is hard, we may
never know for sure. Tinderbox may or may not be the cause, it's just on
the list of suspects until we can exclude it for sure.

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