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Fri Dec 24 15:38:11 EST 2010

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On Fri, 2010-12-24 at 19:49 +0000, Henry Edward Hardy wrote:
> I have to say no to this. Sugalabs should not take partisan political
> positions. If we did would we oppose totalitarian actions by all the
> governments of all the countries where there is manufacturing, design,
> distribution, or deployments?


> My personal opinion on Wikileaks is that I think that some of what
> they have done is unethical from the standpoint of the  System
> Administrator's Code of Ethics, but that as a publisher they should
> not be prosecuted.

The people who handed out secret government documents are, in fact,
breaking much more than the SAGE. They're probably risking a life

OTOH, the Wikileaks editors and journalists have a right to publish any
information they obtain and not to disclose their sources. Nations which
don't recognize the freedom of the press cannot call themselves

>  If you want more of my personal opinion on his see
> my blog at scanlyze.wordpress.org and/or friend me on facebook (gag, I
> know lol).

Your blog redirects to the front page of Wordpress. Have they received
pressures from the US government too? :-)

> Have you considered proposing this to FSF?

No, because we have a policy of distributing only freely licensed
materials from our servers ;-)

Seriously, at least some of us openly sympathize with Wikileaks:


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