[Systems] Flossmanuals <-previous next-> page navigation through image onclick="next(); " events

Frederick Grose fgrose at sugarlabs.org
Wed Apr 14 21:36:22 EDT 2010

Hi Adam,

We'd like to embed the Sugar Learners' manual into our wiki as on this
page, wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Getting_Started#Sugar_Learners'_Manual,
(click the [show] link that appears right after the small, blue HTML image).

Unfortunately, when one clicks the <-previous or next-> 'links', the
page load breaks out of the embedded Iframe on the wiki page.  This would
cause readers to lose context and satisfaction.

The page navigation images, <-previous & next->, have this source,
<a href="# <http://en.flossmanuals.net/Sugar/Credits#>" onClick="next();"><img

Please, could your team review this and, consider an alternative method for
binding the link to the image in order to improve the readers' experience in
this use case?

Thank you for all your attention to Sugar Labs!

--Frederick Grose, Sugar Labs wiki coordinator
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