[Systems] Keep an eye on the wiki

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 16:27:15 EDT 2010


I've already communicated this to FGrose, but the extremely persistent wiki
vandal seems to be getting active again, although, this morning's attacks
were over on wiki.l.o and not at wiki.sl.o.  There is ample reason to
believe that this is could well be a particular (but unknown) individual
that has returned with some regularity and has vandalized both wikis over
the past few years.

There is every reason to expect that he will also strike again at wiki.sl.o
at some point, so please keep an eye on the Recent Changes page of the wiki
if you happen to be so inclined to contribute to the wiki countervandalism


I should also mention that the attack this morning focused particular and
venomous attention on my own user page as I appear to be recognized by the
vandal as an "adversary".  Doing wiki countervandalism work is not without
some risk of drawing unwelcome attention to yourself.

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