[Systems] Sunjammer services cleanup

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Wed Oct 28 18:30:43 EDT 2009


I removed a few unused services from sunjammer and uninstalled their
dependencies: drupal, civicrm, asterisk and freepbx.

I also dropped a bunch of accounts in mysql that were seemingly unused
(addons at localhost and alike).

Such cleanups always contain a non-zero potential for breaking other
things, but to keep our servers maintainable and secure we can't let
things degrade too much.

It is a lot easier if we perform such cleanups immediately when we
decide to terminate a service instead of months later when nobody
remembers what the leftovers were for.

Possible associated items to check for when removing a service include:

 * accounts in passwd and group
 * accounts in ldap (but we use ldap only for humans)
 * apache configuration files
 * logs (especially apache logs)
 * databases
 * database users
 * domain names

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