[Systems] Fixed IPv4 and IPv6 routing on bender

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Mon Oct 26 19:52:54 EDT 2009


the dhcpd for the 192.168.x network was not running. I had to restart
libvirtd to make it run again.

But restarting libvirtd breaks a few things:

1) the vlan0..vlan4 nets do not get re-added to virbr0. I had to re-add
them manually with "brctl add virbr0 vlan0" and so on

2) the virbr0 interface looses its IPv6 address. On boot, we add it
   with a kludge in /etc/rc.local because libvirtd does not let you
   specify it in the xml config.

3) the above kludge in rc.local was set to add the IPv6 address to
   br0 rather than virbr0.

Sascha, perhaps earlier this morning you did change rc.local trying to
solve the issue? It's a bit subtle, but we need to run radvd on virbr0
rather than br0 because we don't want the router advertisements to
percolate to Develer's LAN (we could probably obtain the same effect
with iptables without creating an entire new virtual bridge, but this is
what libvirtd does by default)

I think I have convinced the Develer folks to put IPv6 routing on their
new gateway. It's a CentOS 5 box, let's hope its IPv6 support is at on
par with Fedora.

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