[Systems] Upcoming sysadmin tasks (Was: My Sugar Labs Membership)

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sun Oct 11 22:30:04 EDT 2009

El Sun, 11-10-2009 a las 19:58 -0500, Sebastian Silva escribió:
> I'll try to immerse myself in infrastructure team thank you for
> giving me the landscape view, I'm interested in bcfg2 and ssh+lpk
> too so I'll try to share what I find.

If you'd like to be our champion for ssh+lpk and bcfg2, you can have a
free hand to experiment on beamrider, as it's not yet in production.

Please, setup an irc proxy or a screen session running an irc client. If
you use Jabber you could also add me my JID bernie at codewiz.org.

> I'm looking for best practice recommendations / methodologies
> for administering a libre computer lab, which includes Sugar,
> our aim is releasing a document at the end of the month for
> an installfest at a social forum in a marginal side of Lima:
> http://ourproject.org/moin/Install_Party_Villana
> http://blog.fuentelibre.org/2009/10/convocatoria-cuerpo-de-instaladores.html
> We're using Trisquel GNU.

Very interesting. BTW, I was also considering switching our servers from
Ubuntu to Trisquel to show our support and appreciation for the project.
Running firmware blobs on a virtual machine wouldn't make much sense

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