[Systems] aslo -> CDN

dfarning at sugarlabs.org dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Thu Nov 26 09:44:56 EST 2009

Today, after the turkey and pie I plan to look at a better method for pushing activities into the CDN.

Currently, the CDN content is rather adhoc;  anything under sunjammer:/srv/upload gets mirrored. This results in 
[DIR] activities/
[DIR] beagleboard/
[DIR] docs/
[DIR] soas/
[DIR] sources/
[TXT] timestamp.txt

Many people have access to the upload directory.  My thought is to start moving towards a staging directory layer.  Individuals will have assess to specific staging directories.  From there, a cron job can sync from staging/ to downloads/ .

To keep things organized, I am thinking that user:mirrorbrain will own the cron jobs to pull content into the downloads/

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