[Systems] Next level of aslo-web testing

dfarning at sugarlabs.org dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Thu Nov 26 07:52:07 EST 2009

Did some more work on aslo-web last night.

1. It is now pointing to the database server on sunjammer.  I wanted to make sure that the were no unexpected problems. 
2. it is now using nfs on aslo-web.  The files/ an staging/ are being served from aslo-web:/srv/nfs/activities.  It is kind of strange, nfs 'just worked' when using aslo-web as the server.
3. We are running low on disk space. (aslo-web currently has 10GB) I asked dogi to increase that to 20GB.

Next step:
1. Figure out how to parse logs on multiple web-nodes.  Upstream uses a proprietary system for managing and consolidating logs for their datacenters.  All Remora logs are consolidated and sent to a dedicated log parsing machine.  Currently parsing our logs takes about 10 seconds so that is not a problem yet.

Still we need to somehow unify the log parsing process so our down load stats are correct.

2. I am happy if bernie and alsroot can come up with a rsync based system keeping files/ and staging/ in sync.  In the mean time, I am going to proceed with the nfs solution.

Once the logparsing and common file systems are resolved, we (should) be able to switch back and forth between serving activites.sl.o from aslo-web and sunjammer.  When that is ready, it is time to start working on the loadbalancer and heartbeat.

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