[Systems] How to add/remove mirrors?

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Fri Nov 13 22:26:05 EST 2009

El vie, 13-11-2009 a las 21:03 -0600, David Farning escribió:
> Just curious why you want to pull solarsail out of the rotation?  But,
> I agree that even though we don't have direct control over any other
> mirror machines, I feel secure that mirrors.ibiblio, mirrors.mit, and
> mirror.rit will not all go down at the same time.

Our download directory grows quickly and it is filling up most of the
remaining disk space on solarsail, which has very fast, but very small

The bandwidth available to Solarsail is the same available to MIT, so
it's completely redundant.

> mb .....
> 'mb list'                         will give you a list of known mirrors.
> 'mb edit download2'     will let you edit a mirror
> --just change the status of enabled : from True to False.
> (I am hoping the you or Ivan will do this this to eliminate me as a
> bottle neck.)

Ok, mirror disabled. And also disabled the rsync cronjob on solarsail

I'll wait a little and then clear the directory and the domain alias

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