[Systems] Branded "virtual Launchpads"

Karl Fogel karl.fogel at canonical.com
Wed Nov 11 10:21:42 EST 2009

Luke Faraone <luke at faraone.cc> writes:
> Sugar Labs has been looking at migrating to Launchpad for a while now, and
> recently did a test bug import into a EC2 instance. It looked great!
> However, our organization is fairly cautious about branding. We'd like
> to give Launchpad services the appearance of integration with the
> rest of our site, via the route of a branded domain name. (a la
> "dev.sugarlabs.org" or " bugs.sugarlabs.org") As we're attempting to
> make Launchpad part of the user-facing portal to ask questions and get
> answers, we don't want users to easily "get lost" in the rest of
> Launchpad, and wish to enable them to easily find their way back to
> our site. This is essentially a show-stopper for us at this time.
> We realize that this is not currently on the Launchpad roadmap, and
> we're wondering how difficult this would be to implement, whether
> massive amounts of code would need to be refactored, etc. We also
> understand that there would be security implications in this approach
> (ie, what if SugarLabs.org went rouge and started stealing user
> cookies), as well as technical issues (multi-domain SSL on a single
> host would be difficult).
> What do you all think?

So reading over the bug Gary pointed out (392266), it looks like:

  1) People are in favor!
  2) No one knows how much work it is.
  3) A good place to start would be making Launchpad an OpenID consumer.

Maybe start at (3)?  People here would be willing to help...

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