[Systems] FSF IPv4 range allocated to Sugar Labs

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Wed Nov 4 18:07:47 EST 2009


today my FSF colleague Ward asked if they could reduce the number of IPs
allocated for us down to 30 (was 51). When we run out of IPs, we can
probably ask for some more.

Our new IP range for VMs is therefore

To reduce the need for coordination, Dogi and I agreed to allocate IPs
from this pool from opposite extremes: I go from 100 up to 129, and Dogi
will from 129 down to 100.

Due to the pool reduction, we have a bunch of machines which are now
running outside the new assigned range: meeting.olpcorps.net vig

Dogi, could we move these to .128 and .126 please? Sorry for the

The current allocation is:

 treehouse       A                       ; EXTREF treehouse.olpcorps.net.
 treehouse       AAAA            2002:8cba:4664::1               ; 6to4
 treehouse-mng   A                       ; bernie, dogi
 esuoheert       CNAME           treehouse-mng                   ; For dogi to remember ;-)
 trixbox         A                       ; bernie
 template-jaunty A                       ; bernie
 template-jaunty AAAA            2002:8cba:466a::1               ; bernie
 beamrider       A                       ; bernie
 beamrider       AAAA            2002:8cba:466e::1               ; bernie

Both Dogi and I are reserving even IPv4 addrs to VMs and odd IPv4 are
for management interfaces or secondary IPs.  If we start running short
of IPs, we'll start using the odd IPs too.

All this information is currently only written down as comments zone
file in the sugarlabs.org. When I'll get around to install our master
nameserver, we'll have all our procedures properly documented in the
Wiki too.

   // Bernie Innocenti - http://codewiz.org/
 \X/  Sugar Labs       - http://sugarlabs.org/

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