[Systems] [support.osuosl.org #5846] Sugar Labs: Hosting for Pootle

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sat Jan 24 02:36:56 EST 2009

Lance Albertson via RT wrote:
> Unfortunately I don't think this will be ideal to be host on our primary
> virtualization infrastructure. I vaguely remember you guys talking about
> purchasing a server and to host some virtualized machines on there in
> the past. If that is the case the I suggest that we consider going that
> route, especially for a service like this. It shouldn't be hard to
> manage it inside of a VM on a machine you guys have. We just have
> limited amount of resources on our Xen infrastructure not to mention a
> bottle neck with I/O.

No problem, we have a couple of other options, including, maybe, a
physical box.

> This would be my proposal but you guys obviously think it over and
> do what you feel is best.
> [...]

This is also what others recommend.

We already have a VM for shell accounts and other non critical
services hosted at the FSF on a machine shared with some other stuff
for gNewSense.

This server has just transitioned into production a few days ago, but
we could host stuff like Pootle there too.

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