[Systems] Progress with Gitorious mainline

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Wed Jan 21 01:55:35 EST 2009

I have today's mainline head of gitorious finally running on my laptop.

Upgrading from the December snapshot we're using in production wasn't
as straightforward as I had expected, mostly because of the dependency
on rails 2.2 and a number of other modules, some of which were not
specified in the environment (diff-lcs, for example).

"rake gems::install" fails with the error "uninitialized constant
Grit::GitRuby" regardless of whether the correct version of grit was
already installed.  I sidestepped it by installing the gems manually.

After the update, I did some light testing, and things seems to hold.
 The wiki pages are broken for old projects, and I couldn't yet figure
out how to get the wiki created on new projects.

A few questions:

 - What version would you recommend for production at this time?

 - Is there a development roadmap?

 - Are formal releases going to be available?

 - What version is hgitorious.org presently running?

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