[Systems] Treehouse status update

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Wed Dec 9 09:59:19 EST 2009

Yesterday Danny and I examined the situation on-site.

The machine was powered up, with no video signal on the VGA port. The
management console was inaccessible from the Internet due to a routing
problem that we couldn't solve.

Hooking up directly to the management console port revealed that the
board was in fact powered, but hung. Power cycling did not solve the
issue initially, but after a few times, we finally got a POST screen and
the machine booted normally.

We retried a few times, with similar results: the system would boot only
occasionally. The machine is now running, but we probably have to
replace the main board as soon as possible.

If Dogi agrees, I'd grab housetree's motherboard while we try to get the
other one replaced under warranty. Luckily, dogi is back in town these
days :-)

On the software side, 3 of the VMs were not configured to boot
automatically. I did "virsh autostart <vm>" on all of them.

The crosslink bridge was also incorrectly configured. I had to manually
do "ifconfig eth1 up" to fix it. I'll have to figure out how get this
done automatically on boot:

auto br1
iface br1 inet static
	mtu 9000
	bridge_ports	eth1
	bridge_fd	9
	bridge_hello	2
	bridge_maxage	12
	bridge_stp	off

There's no eth1 entry. I thought the above was sufficient because it
works for br0. Perhaps I'm not understanding some subtle detail of how
the Debian-style network configuration works.

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