[Systems] Email migration to gmail completed

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Thu Oct 16 08:47:51 EDT 2008


all mail traffic for the sugarlabs.org domain should now route through 
our Google Apps account.  Our MX records may have been cached by 
external name servers, and will update within a day or two.  The 
lists.sugarlabs.org domain is totally unaffected by this change.

The only people with a local GMail accounts are me and dfarning. 
We'll create additional accounts as needed, but what most users will 
want is a simple forwarding rule to their existing personal email account.

Google will forward unknown aliases back to Solarsail, so I don't 
expect any change in service for existing users and administrative 
aliases.  Google Apps accounts and aliases will of course shadow those 
on Solarsail.

I'll be travelling to Brescia later this evening, but I'll check my 
email in the evening in case someone has trouble with the new setup.

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