[Systems] Trac

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Thu Oct 2 19:20:51 EDT 2008


it's time to install a trac instance, and Noah kindly offered to help 
with it.

Do we want this on Solarsail or on the secondary server?  In the 
former case, please contact coderanger for access.

Otherwise, I'm sure the Develer admins will be ok with  hosting a trac 
instance on trinity while we wait for the hardware.  They're already 
running a few trac projects, but it's still using 0.10.5, which is not 
the version we want.

BTW: I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a short trip and won't be 
availble on IRC until Tuesday.  There's no hurry for trac, I think, 
but the Sugar folks know the details of our requirements if you'd like 
to short-circuit with them.

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