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Sun Nov 16 07:35:38 EST 2008

1. wiki
2. colombia at mailing list
3. unsername at email addresses

1. Address - How difficult would it be to set up a wikispace for each
individual country or state that is interested in creating a lab?
Based on other projects I expect that we will have requests for tens
of local groups with in the first couple of months.  But, only a hand
full will be active at first.

2. Mailing list - I understand that is pretty trivial to set up.  Is
there any issue granting a lab representative admin control over the

3.  Email Address - How difficult will it be to set up
user at email address?

There are some instructions at
for adding aliases.

But, It might be preferable to create independant gmail domains for
each country so that they can manage their own domain.  The key here
is to spread the admin responsibility and authority down to the local
labs as much as possible

Bernie, Ivan; Can you set up the infrastructure for Colombia and
determine the work involved in creating these pieces of local lab
infrastructure for more labs

Rafael;  What other pieces of infrastructure would be useful for local labs?


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