[Systems] pgrmr machines

Bernie Innocenti bernie at sugarlabs.org
Thu Nov 27 11:59:01 EST 2008

David Farning wrote:
> Very nice! thanks!
> If you get a change, would you mind trying to revive the API
> documentation services on Sugar Labs1 ? (setting them up in a sane
> manner)

Is it dead on api.sugarlabs.org?  And why?

Btw, since we shuffled services, shell accounts are at

> Should I file a request in tracker? I looks like you are working on a
> lot of stuff right now!

Yes, and many things are falling through the cracks.

Perhaps you can help me by taking over one or more of these TODOs?

 * hand gmail accounts to members
 * polish the InfrastructureTeam page
 * post on iaep@ about sugarcamp reimbursements
 * ask donors if we can reuse excess money for next events
 * collabora and langoff for XS
 * ping basic on gitorious

> This is Luke Crawford.  He runs a xen consulting firm in the
> California.  A few months ago he wrote a book on Xen hosting.  I think
> the Xen hosting business was just a side business that grew:)
> He is setting up two new servers this weekend and trying to build a
> working ubuntu 8.10 image for us.

Great.  Do I find him online somewhere?

> The reliably issues with his machines is not that his service is
> necessarily bad.  It is that he is using our machines to test his
> latest images which he then offers to his paying customers.

Yeah, not a problem for buildbot and ancilliary services...

Only problem is that xen is getting obsolete, at some point I guess he
will have to switch us to kvm.

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