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Lun Sep 11 17:52:16 EDT 2017

Also a Treasurer, "an ex officio, nonvoting officer taking care of
Sugar Labs' Finance.  Currently, this position is vacant." last edited
in 2011,

Referenced from

Shows how infrequently the Wiki is reviewed.

Your statement of purpose is highly restricted in that it only covers
preparation of financial reports, so can't really be given the public
term "Finance Manager" or "Treasurer".  These public terms have a much
wider definition that includes management of finances.

On the other hand, agreed motion 2017-13 clearly defines the new term
"Sugar Labs Financial Manager" without including management of
finances ... so my response has ended up being a criticism of the
agreed motion wording.  ;-)

On Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 02:32:14PM -0500, Laura Vargas wrote:
> Dear SLOBS,
> It has just come to my attention Sugar Labs has a Finance Committee.
> Walter,
> You are currently referenced as the [1]Sugar Labs Finance Committee Liaison in
> the SL committees wiki page, please confirm if such Committee is active and/or
> if any of this information needs to be deprecated.
> I any case I had prepared a Statement of Purpose for the Financial Manager
> position and hopefully will serve as my application to the Sugar Labs Finance
> Committee if it is still active;
> Statement of Purpose to act as Financial Manager [and/or] Sugar Labs Finance
> Committe Member for Sugar Labs Global Project
> by Laura Vargas
> My purpose is to provide Sugar Labs members the service of keeping the Sugar
> Labs financial reports published on two languages Spanish and English on a
> timely manner on the Sugar Labs wiki  page: [2]https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/
> Finance
> I have estimated it will take me ~20 monthly hours to perform such task, taking
> into consideration that:
> * I understand currently the Sugar Labs Project has only one (1) trusted
> organization with an agreement in effect: non-profit Software Freedom
> Conservancy in the United States. 
> * Software Freedom Conservancy's reports publication in the Sugar Labs wiki are
> due since [3]February 2016 (1 year and 2 quarters to catch up).
> * To be able to allocate monthly time to the gardening of the Finance wiki
> page, I would require Sugar Labs to sponsor the time for providing the service
> and learning to use the commands to extract information from the Ledger file,
> service that I propose to be provided in the form of a Fellowship with an
> Stipend [and/or] office expenses, such as Internet connection, maintenance to
> work equipment, etc. For reference see SLOB's Budget allocation [4]AGREED
> MOTION 2017-13.
> I have an Industrial Engineer degree from the "Escuela Colombiana de
> Ingeniería" and a masters degree in English for International Business and
> Finance, from the "Universidad del Rosario" in Colombia. I also have a Film and
> TV Producer degree from the "New York Film Academy" in the United States thanks
> to the Ministry of Culture of Colombia and the Fulbright Scholarship Program
> back in 2005. I gained large budget management skills while working in the Film
> industry.
> I have contributed to Free/Libre Software projects, specifically to Sugar Labs
> since 2009. On the way I have lead many successful events, projects and
> products, like Sugar Camp Lima and the resultant multi-native-languages OS
> Image "Hexoquinasa" currently deployed among +40,000 learners on field.
> I have many motivations to contribute to the successful execution of the Sugar
> Labs project. 
> Financial reports publication has become a critical task as currently there are
>  [5]no updated numbers. 
> Defined responsible parties for financial reports publication will benefit
> largely the Project Leadership Committe and will hopefully activate more
> collaboration in the development of quality "libre" software for children.  
> Regards and thanks in advance for your consideration.
> --
> Laura V.
> I&D SomosAZUCAR.Org
> “Solo la tecnología libre nos hará libres.” 
> ~ L. Victoria
> Happy Learning!
> #LearningByDoing
> #Projects4good
> #IDesignATSugarLabs
> #WeCanDoBetter
> References:
> [1] https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Labs/Governance/Committees
> [2] https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Finance
> [3] https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Finance
> [4] https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Oversight_Board/Decisions#2017-08-10
> [5] https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Finance

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