[somos-azucar] Official Feedback for Hexoquinasa v0.9

Sebastian Silva sebastian en fuentelibre.org
Lun Mayo 13 14:56:11 EDT 2013

Hello friends and hackers of Sugar Network,

This is to share with you official feedback by the Ministry of Education 
of Peru with
regard to Hexoquinasa, a downstream distribution of the Sugar Labs 
Platform Team
reference deployment platform with access to the Sugar Network.

The plan as coordinated with DIGETE is to release a new version by Fri 
24th of May.
The new version will get testing in the field by a select group of DATs 
(Docentes de
Acompañamiento Tecnológico).

It is worth noting:
     - Most feedback is about activities
     - VNC Launcher activity fails to find system x11vncserver binaries.
     - Some feedback is vague and might require further inquiry / 
testing ("Turtle Art crashes").
     - Some feature requests outside our field of action (i.e. sharing 
in paint and labyrinth)
     - Some activities fail on close (Physics ends with signal 6).

Additionally to the items listed in the report:
     - Mesh (or ad hoc) icons are not present in neighbourhood view.
     - Test sharing between XO1 and XO1.5
     - Sugar Network cache policy was discussed. They would like "to run 
activities from server"
       to avoid filling user disk.

Warm regards,
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