[Sugar-devel] Gradual reorganizing of Music Blocks codebase

devin at ulibarri.website devin at ulibarri.website
Tue Sep 8 13:42:39 EDT 2020

@Anindya, I defer to Walter Bender as he is the project lead for this
Sugar Labs project. That being said, everything you propose sounds great
and I trust you have the technical ability given all the great work you
did over the summer.

If we do end up refactoring, I am happy to test anything out and provide
my feedback as a user and "the music guy".

@Vaibhav, thanks for the links.

Vaibhav Aren:
> Hi Anindya,
> If you are going to refactor the codebase you can go through the 
> following
> link which is one of the best resources to learn about refactoring in 
> my
> knowledge.
> Spend some time with this.
> -> https://refactoring.guru/refactoring/what-is-refactoring
> -> Learn to identify code smells:
> https://refactoring.guru/refactoring/smells
> -> Execute  ^_^
> Regards
> - Vaibhav
> On Tue, Sep 8, 2020 at 8:09 PM Anindya Kundu <anindyaak007 at gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> I'm considering reorganizing the modules and cleaning up the complete
>> codebase in a gradual manner - something I briefly worked on, during 
>> this
>> summer. It is to my understanding that Music Blocks was built
>> progressively, and there's still scope for a lot of additions, but 
>> I've
>> observed some significant issues.
>> I feel the user experience isn't quite appealing. For instance, the
>> application feels bulky, the mouse interaction isn't very good, there 
>> are
>> UI lapses here and there, etc. As for the code, I feel we are lacking
>> structure. The JS modules have become disorganized, there's lots of
>> deprecated code spread throughout, and the scripts do not stick to a 
>> proper
>> convention.
>> Many times it becomes a challenge to figure out the source of a bug or
>> add/modify some code. Also, it is quite easy to generate an obscure 
>> bug
>> while fixing something else. Moreover, several components are 
>> convoluted
>> among themselves. I've only worked on the MVC refactoring of a few
>> components, but I believe it should be done all throughout for it to 
>> bear
>> advantages.
>> Therefore, I'm planning on rebuilding a structure under the hood,
>> primarily for better code management, but also to enhance the 
>> performance
>> of the application. Any thoughts or suggestions?
>> *Anindya Kundu*
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