[Sugar-devel] Sugarizer Knowledge Activity Pack meeting

Dhruv Misra dhruvmisra at live.com
Thu May 21 07:01:04 EDT 2020

Hey there,

I and my mentor Lionel had our weekly meeting at 9H UTC today i.e. 21 May.

We reviewed the activity template and finalized the minor changes remaining. We then discussed about the dynamic tutorial and how it will be implemented in the future. In the end, the design mockups for Curriculum were reviewed and changes were discussed.

  *   Tasks from last week:

  1.  Completed the Vue.js Activity Template
  2.  Wrote the tutorial text for Vue.js
  3.  Created design mockups for Curriculum activity

  *   Problems encountered in this week: None
  *   Tasks for next week:

  1.  Make a PR with updated tutorial texts
  2.  Finalize the Activity Template (Remove Pawn.activity)
  3.  Improve the mockup based on discussion
  4.  Start a basic implementation of Curriculum

Dhruv Misra

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