[Sugar-devel] Sugarizer Knowledge Activity Pack meeting

Dhruv Misra dhruvmisra at live.com
Thu May 14 06:33:31 EDT 2020

Hey there,

I and my mentor Lionel had our Sugarizer Knowledge Activity Pack meeting at 9H UTC today i.e. 14 May.

We reviewed the tasks from last week, had discussion about the various workflows and things to add/remove from the Vue.js Activity template. We also discussed the new Sugarizer Dynamic Tutorial<https://github.com/dhruvmisra/SugarizerDynamicTutorial> and possible improvements. In the end, we discussed the potential UI of the new Curriculum activity and what all would be present on each page.

  *   Tasks from last week:

  1.  Created the basic functional Vue.js Activity Template
  2.  Created Sugarizer Dynamic Tutorial<https://github.com/dhruvmisra/SugarizerDynamicTutorial>

  *   Issues encountered in this week: Finalizing the workflows for the Vue.js Activity Template
  *   Tasks for next week:

  1.  Complete the Vue.js Activity template based on new points (Activity component)
  2.  Write the tutorial for Vue.js
  3.  Create some design mockups for the Curriculum activity

Dhruv Misra

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