[Sugar-devel] Daily Update 09.05.2020

Anindya Kundu anindyaak007 at gmail.com
Sun May 10 02:05:23 EDT 2020


I had a brief study session around my project yesterday. As mentioned
before, I'm sketching a broader proposal about my project, based on my
original proposal, to serve as outline while discussing with my mentor/s.

While, writing the original, I did go through a previous work (Turtle
Blocks Python Export) from GSoC 2013 by Marion Zepf. I assembled those
works again: mostly Sugar Labs wiki pages about the project, and her final

I'm trying to study her work to gather some guidance on my project. I'll be
done reading by today, and I hope to clarify some questions I have/will be
coming up with my mentor in the next meeting. I plan to send the new
written piece to my mentors by tonight.

In addition, I've worked on a pending porting issue with my team - we're
making good progress, and I believe we'll be able to complete it sooner
than next weekend.

Thus far, my work has been a bit asynchronous, and hence, my updates are
verbose. I plan to discuss a working schedule with my team in the next
meeting, to keep my progress discrete.


*Anindya Kundu*
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