[Sugar-devel] Weekly Progress Blogs of GSoC

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri May 8 17:49:40 EDT 2020


Thanks.  I've been careful not to mention blogging until now.

Please use mailing list instead of a blog.  Use a shortened project
name in the subject.  If composing mail is a problem, find a better
mail client.

Lionel and I agreed we would not require a student to host a blog.
(On 5th May, Lionel, Walter, and I had a discussion about student
blogging.  We considered whether a blog was needed or helpful.  Nobody
else at Sugar Labs blogs about their work at Sugar Labs, so we have no
standard to hold up.  Blogs haven't facilitated or concentrated
discussion.  Blogs can be edited.  Blogs don't stay available.  Blogs
are a lot of work that is sometimes not seen or used.)

Please check with your mentor if they want you to use a blog, or some
other method like Wiki or mail.  Lionel told me Sugarizer team will
use Slack for this, with a weekly summary to mailing list.

Mentors, please think about whether you want your student to spend the
time writing a blog.  Tell your student what your decision is.

While it is a useful skill, it is not a necessary skill for a
developer.  You won't get as much engagement as you will get with
mailing list posting.

On Fri, May 08, 2020 at 07:56:01PM +0530, Aviral Gangwar wrote:
> Hello James,
> Could you please help me out with this.
> Which service do you recommend for writing the blogs that also complies with
> the community standards? I wanted to run through you if it was feasible to use
> a separate service such as [1]Medium or use a wiki page instead. ( Or any other
> service you could suggest )
> Thank You
> References:
> [1] https://medium.com/

James Cameron

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