[Sugar-devel] Suggestions to GSoC students

Rahul Bothra rrbothra at gmail.com
Sun May 26 10:23:32 EDT 2019


Here are my suggestions to Swarup and Aniket (can be useful for other
students as well).
 * Follow PEP8 style and flake8 for linting
 * Before making any commit, compulsorily go through the guide to write
 * Write concisely. It allows the reader to go through your message
quickly, and focus on writing the answer. To do this, I write my message
and iterate over it to look for text which does not add any value.
 * Chart your project timeline again. Have monthly and weekly goals, which
would've had considerably changed from the proposal you submitted. You'll
have better time estimates now.
 * Specific to Aniket's project, start understanding how the Telepathy code
can be migrated, or see if we can remove telepathy entirely and use TCP
connections but that will require knowledge of Computer Networks.
* Specific to Swarup's project, start releasing the activities on ASLO ;-)


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