[Sugar-devel] Sugar on Debian 10 (Buster)?

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Fri May 17 19:09:44 EDT 2019

On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 2:58 PM James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org> wrote:

> On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 11:00:07AM -0400, Jeff Elkner wrote:
> > Thanks for the quick responses,  Chihurumnaya and James!  Yes,
> > pressing F3 did the trick.
> Yay!
> > I should have remembered that from my OLPC days, but it has been so
> > long since I've used Sugar.  Incidentally, I had forgotten that I
> > lent my last two XO4's to a former student so that he could
> > experiment with mesh networking.  He is finished with them and is
> > returning them to me.  A quick look at:
> >
> > http://wiki.laptop.org/go/18.04.0
> >
> > reveals that the latest Sugar update for my XO's will be running
> > Ubuntu 18.04,
> No, it's not for your XOs.
> > but also that it has the same issues I'm seeing in the
> > Debian Sid VM with Metacity, I guess?
> No, I fixed it.
> > James, I can't agree with you from personal experience that "Rasbian
> > has a very high barrier to entry unless the microSD card is
> > purchased already loaded (e.g. NOOBS)."  On the contrary, the
> > website instructions for creating your own microSD card are super
> > easy using etcher (https://www.balena.io/etcher/).  When you first
> > boot from the resulting microSD, it automatically runs a script that
> > expands the file system to fill the card, so the steps are really
> > just:
> >
> > 1. Install Etcher.
> > 2. Download the Raspian image file.
> > 3. Write it to the microSD card.
> > 4. Put it in your Raspberry Pi, turn it on, and follow directions.
> > 5. Enjoy your new operating system!
> >
> > That's precisely what I mean by a "user friendly recipe", since it
> > is cross platform, does not even require knowledge of the Unix CLI,
> > and works like a charm.
> You most likely have more skills than the people I've trained in this
> recipe.  We must think of the people who are prevented by disadvantage
> from gaining these skills.
> But my question was answered, thanks.  I now know what level of skill
> you are aiming for, and that means we can collaborate further.
> It's a how long is a piece of string argument.
> Given that level of skill, a *truly* beginner friendly installation
> recipe that you have as a goal should be (a) install Raspbian, (b)
> install Sugar.
> Step (a) is already well documented by the Raspberry Pi Foundation,
> and many Raspberry Pi are purchased with preloaded Raspbian.
> Step (b) recipe is here;
> https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/blob/master/docs/debian.md
> It works now for Debian Stretch, and when Debian Buster is released it
> should be the same.
> Step (b) could be improved by writing a script to do the install, and
> fix any of the bugs that haven't been fixed in the Debian packages.
> Or the bugs might be reported to Debian instead.  I prefer the latter,
> because the rising tide lifts all boats.
> If you begin to do this, you'll probably be the first person doing it
> for years.  Thank you!
> > Last thing to report -- After Chihurumnaya so kindly and patiently
> > reminded my about F3 (which I really should have remembered :-(, I
> > was able to get to the main activity window and see the four
> > activities.  Three of them worked, but the browse activity did not.
> Also test the hidden activities.  You can see these with F3 Ctrl-2.
> > I think is is really important to fix the Metacity problem so that
> > you see the proper welcome screen when you launch Sugar.  I'm not
> > going to try to push things onto Debian stretch.
> Reporting the problems against Debian Stretch can still be useful, as
> the problem may not yet be fixed in Debian Buster, and the problem may
> end up being fixed in Debian Stretch updates if it is sufficiently
> severe or security related.
> But you are correct that reporting against Debian Buster is a good
> thing to do as well.
> > Buster is looking like it will become the stable distro sometime
> > this Summer.  After that settles would be a good time to talk about
> > a deployment recipe for buster.  Since I'm a school teacher and
> > won't have students during June, July and August, I'm really hoping
> > to ramp this up next September in any case.
> Great.  Looking forward to it.
> I spent a few hours yesterday in a volunteer teaching team applying
> prior Turtle Blocks learning to Lego WeDo kits.  Mixed class of three
> different grades, in a remote school.  The class teacher stayed
> involved, so we've got useful knowledge transfer happening.  Being in
> the southern hemisphere, I'll have students during those months, but
> it's only part time.
> > Thanks!
> > Jeff
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Sorry to be late on this thread. Busy work week.

Jeff, great to have you back in the fold.

James, I may have a patch (if I can find it) to the WeDo activity that I
used to maintain with a major speed up. I'll try to dig it up. Or were you
using the WeDo plugin?



Walter Bender
Sugar Labs
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