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Mon Jan 21 15:50:28 EST 2019


So I’ve been making a couple research about this for while now,
visiting several orgs that does something similar us @samswag helped
with some links, all in the attempt to give our website what it take
to be entertaining and highly engaging, relate a lot more with our
targeted audience (teachers, students, parents, contributors ) to help
them understand what they should at first glance. I improved the
download steps so it helps them understand and get how to download
easily without stress.

I added why a user should get sugar.

It’s still a work in progress as I figured even the last design that’s
under development now Wouldn’t really solve the problem. We need MORE
call to action buttons, more exciting colors, a better navigation

Hoping to move most primary information from wiki to the site, instead
of breaking their section on the site to go to wiki(it lost them

Another implementation the redesign contains is to embed sugarizer,
mb, Tb, primero(web) into the website like what scratch does, so you
can try out these tools while on the site and then also choose to
continue navigating on the site.

This current design with the improvements should:

Captivate the audience more
Increase download of Sugar and sugarizer
Make students, parents, teachers etc feel more at home
Easy to see how to contribute
Get a feel of the tools before download

It’s still a work in progress and it also requires we update all the
necessary wiki entries and move some of the important wiki content to
the website like having the contributors page, download and
installation process etc right on the website

Here’s a link to the prototype of some of the pages I’ve been able to
come up with(there’s a lot more left)


This is as important as improving Sugar Labs tools. Without an
actionable site our tools won't reach our potential users. We need the
users (students parents, school administration) to be able to download
and use Sugar and every other Sugar Labs tools effectively without
stress then we can record an increase in downloads of these tools we
put in so much to build.


A teacher sees a tweet about sugar, gets interested, go straight to
the website on getting there get confused, and then leaves. we must
have lost a lot of potential Sugar users because of this, it needs to
be looked into and actions needs to be taken.

"It doesn't solve a problem we have with our software products (Sugar,
activities, Music Blocks, or Sugarizer)."

It will improve the download rates of  these softwares greatly.

"Even if we add a project for improving the website, 2 years down the line
we might again face a similar email pointing out the drawbacks of the new
model and another revamping of the website"

Yes, why do have you have to update softwares and get out new
releases?  not because your original idea was bad but because it has
to improve, it has to fit in. new approves comes everyday to better
solve a problem that's why upgrades are needed at regular
intervals.(example, during this few weeks of research I had scratch
changed the design of their website, doesn't mean the old one was
awful). But the current state of our website is awful, very awful and
needs to be given attention.

For me GSoC could be a good and easy way out of that, I don't see why
it's of less importance ... it should sell our tools.


On Mon, 21 Jan 2019 at 19:05, Rahul Bothra <rrbothra at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 10:47 PM Samson Goddy <samsongoddy at sugarlabs.org> wrote:
> > Sugar Labs Social was never a GSoC project, I don't understand why
> > you keep bringing it up
> Thanks, I know. I simply pointed that it never reached deployment,
> though I'm sure people working on it even as we speak.
> > Any "coding" project that is related to Sugar Lab's goals or leads to
> > improvement to the mission is eligible as a  Gsoc project.
> I agree with this statement. This is what I found on https://sugarlabs.org;
> At Sugar Labs, we make a collection of tools that learners use to explore,
> discover, create, and reflect.... The mission of Sugar Labs is to support
> the Sugar community of users and developers and establish regional,
> autonomous “Sugar Labs” around the world to help learners “learn how
> to learn” by tailoring Sugar to local languages and curricula.
> I think our goals should be aligned with our mission itself, and I don't
> expect revamping a website to be a _goal_.
> > Everything is as important as the other
> I disagree.
> Sugar Desktop is more important than https://sugarlabs.org.
> MusicBlocks is more important than ASLO v3. Sugarizer is more
> important than the 'not a GSoC project' Sugar Social.
> Again, these were my personal opinions of what should be included in
> GSoC, subjected to some research and past evidences. There are better
> people who've had more experience with GSoC.
> Thanks
> Rahul
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