[Sugar-devel] Sync between GitHub and ASLO

Rahul Bothra rrbothra at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 21:45:22 EST 2019

A common issue across many activities is that changes are often not
released to ASLO. This must be automated to ensure that the work of
developers is reaching the users

My suggestion is to have an automatic sync with GitHub and ASLO;
When a new release tag is set on GitHub,
 - the activity should be updated on ASLO with the latest changes.
 - Issues opened in the repository can go the into known bugs section
 - ReadMe can go into about the Activity section
 - git history or release tag description can go into the new changes

New changes to the repository will have to be tested before setting a new
release tag on GitHub

I saw the ASLO bot is able to capture new tags from GitHub, but I'm not
sure how to fix it
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