[Sugar-devel] Using IRC, was Participating in Google Code-In

D. Joe sugarlabs at etrumeus.com
Tue Dec 3 13:53:20 EST 2019

On Tue, Dec 03, 2019 at 10:03:11PM +0530, Abhay Malik wrote:

> but some of the people here also talk on irc, tho I was not able to use it.

I can try to answer specific questions posted here in email about using IRC. 

The first suggestions I'd have for everyone is to 1) make sure you have picked a unique nickname (also known as a 'nick') and 2) registered it using an email address and a password with the freenode network. Then, every time you connect, be sure to 3) identify your nick using that password.


It used to be that one could get started using IRC without registering, which made it *much* easier to learn to use, but attacks have necessitated registration to gain full use.

D. Joe aka "dzho"


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