[Sugar-devel] Dashboard Project Meeting Logs (19/08/2019)

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue Aug 20 17:36:11 EDT 2019

Thanks for the meeting logs.

On feature name;

* your feature dynamically selects from three sets of three icons,
  without using badges or drawing, based on journal size (as an
  achievement), and available disk space,

* your nine icons differ primarily in size, thickness, and shape,

* the source code defines this user interface element as the buddy
  icon (buddyicon.py), with an attached floating menu palette

* in discussions, my references to this element have been "buddy

* some old documentation (help.sugarlabs.org) hasn't yet been changed
  to this naming, patches welcome,

So I suggest a feature name of "Buddy Icon Variable Appearance" or
"Buddy Icon Progress".

On implementing with Cairo;

* you have currently restricted journal size and disk space to three
  steps each, with battery in the tooltip,

* using Cairo gives you unrestricted resolution in expressing values
  such as journal size, disk space, and battery,

* using Cairo gives you opportunities to animate the icon, to express
  values such as battery state of charge, CPU temperature, or network

* there's lots of Cairo drawing code in Sugar activities,

* can still use your SVGs as basis for drawing the shapes, by
  converting the strokes to Cairo.

On next version of Sugar;

* the next version is going to be 0.115,

* it follows on from 0.114,

* it will contain the Port to Python 3, and TelepathyGLib, which is a
  minor change,

* there are too many bugs to release any time soon,

* artificially renumbering to 1.x is not in my plans.

Hope that helps!

James Cameron

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