[Sugar-devel] Dashboard Project Meeting Logs (19/08/2019)

Hrishi Patel hrishipatel99 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 10:33:17 EDT 2019

We had a meeting for the Dashboard project before GSoC period ends. The
meeting bot was down but here are the logs.
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[2019-08-19 21:16:49] <Hrishi_> #start-meeting
[2019-08-19 21:17:02] <Hrishi_> #topic Tamagotchi widget
[2019-08-19 21:17:28] <Hrishi_> I assume you all have seen https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/852
[2019-08-19 21:17:43] <samsongoddy> I haven't yet, I just came back to Nigeria
[2019-08-19 21:18:10] <Hrishi_> Now current issues with widget: 1) The name 2) The issues presented by Quozl 3) Release version
[2019-08-19 21:18:35] <samsongoddy> Oh I think I saw the issues some days back
[2019-08-19 21:18:54] <Hrishi_> samsongoddy, ibiam, perrie: we currently don't have a consensus for the name. Please suggest a name so I can write the Feature page in SL wiki
[2019-08-19 21:19:11] <ibiam> I agree with Quozl on you reusing the battery module instead of rewriting it like you did
[2019-08-19 21:19:32] <ibiam> What name have you thought of?
[2019-08-19 21:19:47] <Hrishi_> ibiam: yes, at the time I was adding that feature, I just copied it from there since I couldn't find any way to import extensions.deviceicon.battery
[2019-08-19 21:20:11] <Hrishi_> ibiam: I haven't. We can temporarily use a simple name like "XO widget"
[2019-08-19 21:20:38] <Hrishi_> ibiam: do you have an idea how can I use "battery" module for the widget
[2019-08-19 21:20:49] <Hrishi_> (since it is not a part of jarabe or toolkit
[2019-08-19 21:22:46] <ibiam> You can
[2019-08-19 21:23:14] <ibiam> from extensions.deviceicon import battery
[2019-08-19 21:23:51] <Hrishi_> Oh, I will try. Wondering why I didn't try that. Sometimes I spend to much time thinking for such trivial issues :(
[2019-08-19 21:24:52] <ibiam> Walterbender, samsongoddy, perrie: temporarily do you agree on the suggested name?
[2019-08-19 21:25:09] <perrie> yeah, I am okay with it
[2019-08-19 21:25:17] <samsongoddy> Cool with me
[2019-08-19 21:25:29] <Hrishi_> Okay. Thanks. 
[2019-08-19 21:25:45] <Hrishi_> ibiam: I have a doubt about using gsettings with Gio, I will ask you later
[2019-08-19 21:26:08] <Hrishi_> Moving on for another widget topic: Are we targeting sugar v1?
[2019-08-19 21:26:29] <samsongoddy> I haven't seen any plan for Sugar v1 yet
[2019-08-19 21:27:03] <Hrishi_> samsongoddy: AFAIK, there were talks about Sugar v1 last year. 
[2019-08-19 21:27:55] <Hrishi_> Also, I will try to implement usage of cairo instead of using "too many icons"
[2019-08-19 21:28:06] <Hrishi_> Anything else about the widget?
[2019-08-19 21:30:18] <Hrishi_> Okay moving on
[2019-08-19 21:30:26] <Hrishi_> #topic Completion before GSoC
[2019-08-19 21:31:10] <Hrishi_> I hope you are satisfied with my progress till now. I would like to know if anything specific is to be done (apart from I am already doing, fixing issues, testing etc) before GSoC ends. 
[2019-08-19 21:31:49] <Hrishi_> Also perrie, I will let you know about using cairo for widget and get back to you regarding redesigning icons
[2019-08-19 21:34:03] <ibiam> I don't think there's anything specific that needs to be done
[2019-08-19 21:34:38] ⇐ perrie quit (~perrie at Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[2019-08-19 21:34:38] <Hrishi_> samsongoddy, perrie: anything you would like to add?
[2019-08-19 21:35:24] ⇐ samsongoddy quit (~samsongod at Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[2019-08-19 21:37:04] <Hrishi_> I should end the meeting now. Thanks for your time :)
[2019-08-19 21:37:08] <Hrishi_> #end-meeting

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