[Sugar-devel] [GSoC'19] Project: Export Music Blocks code to JavaScript

Mayank mayankapex3 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 1 17:40:53 EDT 2019

Hi everyone!
I’m joining a bit late in the game but here I go!
My name is Mayank and I am currently doing B.Tech from JIIT Noida. My
interests in-general are in Software Development, but there are so many
interesting areas out there that I want to explore! I have contributed to
open source projects, and have been part of many Open Source Communities in
I have looked over the GSoC project 'Export Music Blocks code to
JavaScript' and I am excited to learn and start! The learning curve is
really steep; it is a mighty challenge but I am confident in my skills in
JavaScript and the use of Python, and I do know how to use Version Control,
CI Testing.
I have deployed the project and exploring the code base of Music Blocks and
I don't find any beginner friendly bugs for the first-timer related to the
project. Can you guys help me with some basic bugs to start with?
I would love to continue contributing to SugarLabs in the future as I
totally loved the idea of One Laptop per Child and other Open Source
Projects of the SugarLabs.

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