[Sugar-devel] State of Sugar (was: [sugarlabs/ajedrez-activity] Adding A Suitable License (#1))

Bastien bzg at bzg.fr
Tue May 22 01:08:43 EDT 2018

Hi James and all,

let me deliberately sidetrack the issue at stake with a larger issue
which I'm curious about: what is the current activity status of Sugar?

Since I've been unsubscribed from the list a few years ago (because my
@laptop.org alias somehow died), I've missed a lot.  I'm aware of GSoC
projects and of Sugarizer, but I would love to get an overview of all
Sugar development...

James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org> writes:

> Yes, perhaps that's what I'll do once the commit rate
> by others falls below 10% of mine.

... the sentence above woke me up: does it means that your commit
activity is more than 9x the activity of *all* other contributors?

That would not be completely surprising (or insane or unhealthy) since
Sugar is a free software and most free softwares I know are led by the
(heroic) effort of a single individual.

But I may misunderstand your statement.

So let me try a few questions:

- What part(s) of Sugar (including activities) is mostly active?

- Who is using/testing those active parts?

- Who is contributing to Sugar code (including activities)?

- Who is supporting Sugar development (including Google through the
  GSoC)?  Is the OLPC association still somehow involved?

Sorry if those questions sound naive, I'm just trying to catch up
and understand better the ecosystem at large.



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