[Sugar-devel] Response in Re: you needed Assistance

Tony Anderson tony at olenepal.org
Sat May 19 05:20:34 EDT 2018

Hi Bastien,

It's the chicken and the egg issue. It is really hard to recruit people 
to work on activities because of the high learning curve. I am sure we 
could get some help from Rwanda but the technical experience is entirely 
with Windows and so git already is over the top.

The original design of Sugar took this into account. An installed 
activity is in /home/olpc/Activities with all of the source code 
immediately available. Changes to the source code can be made and tested 
on the XO.

I think we could get close to this environment by recognizing that 
someone can change the code on their own Sugar system and test it there. 
When they have fixed a problem or completed building and testing a new 
capability, they can then use github as a means to upload the changes to 
be merged by the Activity Team.

With the actvities, the code repos are on ASLO since every activity is 
its own repo. All that is needed is to unzip the bundle, git init the 
folder, and add to github.

This works because we don't have the concerns necessary when adding and 
changing the Sugar OS code.


On Saturday, 19 May, 2018 04:01 PM, Bastien wrote:
> Hi Tony,
> Tony Anderson <tony at olenepal.org> writes:
>> The same basic principal applies to the activities, but I believe that
>> we should have a github.com/sugaractivities for repositories of Sugar
>> activities.
> I'm too far away from Sugar development for my opinion to really
> weight in here, but this sounds like a good idea.
> Also, on a more general level: we tend to focus on gathering code
> repos while the problem often stems out of sparsed developers.
> So perhaps this all should be about *gathering developers* first,
> repositories next.

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