[Sugar-devel] Review Request of GSoC Proposal: Making a Beginner Guide

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Mar 19 03:32:57 EDT 2018

G'day Pratul,

Thanks for the opportunity to comment on your draft proposal.

Your proposal suffers from lack of measurable controls for risks.  In
general, you've added responses to the risks which are mostly either
aspirational, hopeful, or procedural.  Some of the responses don't
address the risks.

For reference, here is what I had previously written on these risks;


Please do not use HTML for the beginner guide.  Instead, please use
Markdown.  Markdown has a wider audience of authors.  HTML should be
generated automatically.

Please consider better controls for risk #3.  My post on 14th February
gave some ideas.  Just claiming that you'd like to keep working on the
project after GSoC ... doesn't seem probable.  It is aspirational.

James Cameron

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