[Sugar-devel] Review Request of GSoC Proposal: Making a Beginner Guide

Pratul Kumar pratulkumar1997 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 04:58:51 EDT 2018

Hello Everyone,
I am Pratul Kumar, a sophomore at LNMIIT Jaipur.

After discussion with community members previously, I have drafted a
proposal with well-thought implementation workflow.

As I always believe that nothing in this world is perfect, there is always
a scope for improvement in everything.

I am eager to discuss much more about the proposal and your reviews and
feedback are vital and valuable for this project.


Pratul Kumar
*​Pratul Kumar | S**ophomore LNMIIT** | +91-8107525493*

* Mentor* & Beta Tester at *Coursera*,
* HKUST University**Stanford* Scholar Internship,* Mozilla* Club Captain
LNMIIT, *Head of Developers* Group *HackerEarth*
  [image: LinkedIn]  <https://www.linkedin.com/in/pratul1997/> [image:
Github]  <https://github.com/Pratul1997>

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