[Sugar-devel] New pull request reviewers; Rahul and Yash

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Feb 22 16:55:12 EST 2018

Rahul and Yash, your code contributions have been consistently good
for the past month, so I've invited you to the GitHub sugarlabs
organisation so that you can review and merge pull requests.

Information below may be of help to guide you in this task.

My goals for review are;

- detect trivial mistakes,

- maintain consistent and good code quality,

- reproduce test results, (especially for critical repositories),

- maintain a useful git commit history for use by git bisect, and
  developers who read it,

- maintain other records, such as issues, tickets, and documentation,

- not waste the time of the contributor, by doing myself anything
  trivial that otherwise the contributor might have to do.

Checklist for review of pull requests;

- [ ] does the change have consensus of the community,
      (if a reviewer is in doubt, seek opinions by @mentioning people)

- [ ] does the commit message explain the summary, problem, and
      solution, so that it can be used in future analysis,
      (if a reviewer can fix it by squash or manual rebase, do so)

- [ ] does the commit message reference the issue, bugs.sugarlabs.org
      ticket number, or downstream ticket numbers,
      (if a reviewer can fix it by squash or manual rebase, do so)

- [ ] are the number of commits excessive for future analysis,
      (a reviewer may squash or rebase if necessary)

- [ ] is the changed code consistent in style with the existing code,
      (on the other hand, expect flake8 changes to be in separate commits)

- [ ] for critical repositories, does the change work properly on our
      latest version of Sugar on either Fedora, Debian, or Ubuntu.

Critical repositories are;

- sugar, sugar-toolkit, sugar-toolkit-gtk3, sugar-artwork,
  sugar-datastore, gst-plugins-espeak,

- each of the Fructose activity set repositories,

Comments?  Should the above be added to sugar-docs?

James Cameron

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