[Sugar-devel] GSoC is for coding projects

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Feb 15 03:30:37 EST 2018

At linux.conf.au 2018 I met with Joshua Simmons and Stephanie Taylor,
who are deeply involved with the Google Code-in (GCi) and Google
Summer of Code (GSoC).

Again yesterday I met with Joshua Simmons.

Their official line is that GSoC is for coding.  In particular, for
three months full time coding by one person.

HTML and CSS count as languages for coding; but then the project would
have to be complicated enough to keep someone busy for three months.
e.g. a conversion of a massive archive of HTML to new styles.

For projects on our list that are exclusively HTML and CSS, it is hard
to see how they are three months of work in those languages.  But I've
suggested to a mentor on IRC that this can be easily fixed by adding
more coding.

I'll paraphrase in order to reinforce;

- projects may have some non-coding as long as they are mostly

- projects can't be mostly non-coding and have only some coding.

I've moved the non-coding projects to a subpage to get them out of the
way, clearly mark them, and yet not lose the valuable input they
represent.  I appreciate the time that has gone into these.

GCi is different.  GCi explicitly has non-coding tasks.  It's easy to
conflate the two.  ;-)

I'm grateful that Joshua and Stephanie were able to spare me the time
to meet.  It was very helpful.

James Cameron

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