[Sugar-devel] GSoC Project Contribution

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Feb 14 00:44:20 EST 2018

G'day Pratul,

Thanks for your answer.  The controls you propose for risks seem well
thought out, though I'd propose one small change;

- use your other students _during_ the project rather than _after_, so
  that the content can be reviewed and refined by beginners,

I'll try to answer your other questions;

Content hosted by Sugar Labs is maintained by many collaborators,
using different editing or deployment tools.

Your project is to make some more content.

So it will be helpful to Sugar Labs if your content can be maintained
by others.

Measuring maintainability of content, by measuring the involvement by
others, is my proposed control for the risk #3 of content being

Using certain front-end frameworks means nothing to me without first
knowing the work flow for maintenance; what form will the content be
maintained in, and what tools will be required by any maintainer?  Are
the tools and frameworks open source and easily deployed?

Recently, we have begun to favour GitHub Markdown; it has a low
barrier of entry, and is reasonably easy to understand.

James Cameron

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