[Sugar-devel] Trouble installing sugar

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Aug 10 01:26:51 EDT 2018

G'day Anmol,

Without further information, there are too many possibilities for
failure.  There is no single exact command.  Sugar is a very complex
program tightly integrated with several libraries.  You will need to
diagnose the cause.

After failing to start Sugar, have a look at;

- the logs from Sugar, which are written to ~/.sugar/default/logs
  underneath the directory of the user logging in through rdesktop,

- the package list from the system, which can be obtained with `sudo
  dpkg-query -W`,

The logs may contain useful errors that can be evaluated.

The package list may not have dependencies that Sugar needs;
especially if you resolved dependencies using Python2 packages.

You can paste both logs and package list to sugar-devel@ or use gist,
to ask for more help.

You can also _temporarily_ run /usr/bin/sugar from a GNOME Terminal
window; which should fail for the same unknown reason.  Sugar doesn't
run very well in this way, but it is a useful diagnostic technique to
find missing dependencies.

Sugar does not check for dependencies and give an on-screen error;
when a dependency is missing, it just doesn't start.

Also, instead of building from source, you might also look at packages
provided by Rahul;

On Thu, Aug 09, 2018 at 08:38:20PM +0530, Anmol Mishra wrote:
> I know this will be tedious but please read.
> Hello,
> In the recent events of constant dirty commits, I am following the mentioned
> method to install sugar by hand.
> -> installed Ubuntu 16
> -> cloned sugar-artwork, sugar-datastore, sugar-toolkit-gtk3, sugar from
> Pro-Panda forks and switched to `python3-port` branches in each of them.
> -> ran "build-dep command mentioned in the suagr-docs" and everything is
> installed very correctly here. (earlier there was issue here because it was
> downloading from servers for India, I changed to Main server so changed it
> from software-properties-gtk)
> -> now I installed each of repo by first running "sudo ./autogen.sh" followed
> by "sudo ./configure" followed by "sudo make" followed by "sudo make install".
> -> Every command runs perfectly without any error. I clone the terminal and
> browse activity mentioned.
> -> run the rdesktop method but everything is stalled here.
> (Consider me a noob, mention exact command that to be followed right from
> starting to having a sugar running"
> (sugar repo's python3 port branch is still installing for python2.7)
> Regards

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James Cameron

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