[Sugar-devel] Trouble installing sugar

Anmol Mishra anmolmishra.jiit at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 11:08:20 EDT 2018

I know this will be tedious but please read.
In the recent events of constant dirty commits, I am following the
mentioned method to install sugar by hand.
-> installed Ubuntu 16
-> cloned sugar-artwork, sugar-datastore, sugar-toolkit-gtk3, sugar from
Pro-Panda forks and switched to `python3-port` branches in each of them.
-> ran "build-dep command mentioned in the suagr-docs" and everything is
installed very correctly here. (earlier there was issue here because it was
downloading from servers for India, I changed to Main server so changed it
from *software-properties-gtk)*
-> now I installed each of repo by first running "sudo ./autogen.sh"
followed by "sudo ./configure" followed by "sudo make" followed by "sudo
make install".
-> Every command runs perfectly without any error. I clone the terminal and
browse activity mentioned.
-> run the rdesktop method but everything is stalled here.

(Consider me a noob, mention exact command that to be followed right from
starting to having a sugar running"
(sugar repo's python3 port branch is still installing for python2.7)

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