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James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Aug 6 02:53:31 EDT 2018

G'day Andrew,


We have another IRC activity you could try; it is more recent and may
have fixed some of the problems; see

Our modern IRC networks are prickly, as they have new features to
protect against robotic attack.  Perhaps our old IRC activity needs
fixing.  I've not tried it recently; but I'm fairly sure that if you
press the stop button or ctrl+q, the connection will be dropped.
Switch away from it using alt+tab if you want the connection to be

In general, for most activities, you can test from within the Terminal
activity with a repository clone by typing sugar-activity for Python
activities, or sugar-activity-web for JavaScript activities.

You can find our getting started documentation here;

And my list of achievement points for getting started at Sugar Labs;

Do ask any further questions here!

On Sun, Aug 05, 2018 at 04:12:44AM +0100, Andrew Carton wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have just learned python, and I want to try my hand at building something
> small or making some small changes and contributions to this project.
> So, I went through the documentation and got Sugar installed on the latest
> Ubuntu.
> I tried out the IRC activity app, and I noticed a few hiccups with it. Firstly,
> of all, it attempts to join the irc network a few times incorrectly and fails.
> As it is connecting, it attempts to join the channel when it isn't fully
> connected yet too. Also, when the irc motd messages and notices are being
> spewed out at the beginning, the window does not auto scroll down when content
> is added.
> When it does connect to the channel, the names are duplicated in the user
> listbox to the side.
> Also, the connection does not persist when you leave the application. Is this
> an intended feature of sugar? Are you not allowed to persist windows and
> connections?
> I thought that perhaps I could modify the source code and try and learn sugar
> and python GTK by fixing these small issues that I noticed.
> I was thinking how I could go about doing this?
> Do I just pull down the github source and compile and bundle it each time to
> test it, or do I separate out the GTK bits and get that working first before I
> add the sugar extensions.
> I read the online book by James and it was quite informative.
> Thanks,
> Andrew.

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James Cameron

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