[Sugar-devel] Just starting out!

Andrew Carton cartonandrew at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 23:12:44 EDT 2018

Hi everyone,

I have just learned python, and I want to try my hand at building something
small or making some small changes and contributions to this project.

So, I went through the documentation and got Sugar installed on the latest

I tried out the IRC activity app, and I noticed a few hiccups with it.
Firstly, of all, it attempts to join the irc network a few times
incorrectly and fails. As it is connecting, it attempts to join the channel
when it isn't fully connected yet too. Also, when the irc motd messages and
notices are being spewed out at the beginning, the window does not auto
scroll down when content is added.

When it does connect to the channel, the names are duplicated in the user
listbox to the side.

Also, the connection does not persist when you leave the application. Is
this an intended feature of sugar? Are you not allowed to persist windows
and connections?

I thought that perhaps I could modify the source code and try and learn
sugar and python GTK by fixing these small issues that I noticed.

I was thinking how I could go about doing this?

Do I just pull down the github source and compile and bundle it each time
to test it, or do I separate out the GTK bits and get that working first
before I add the sugar extensions.

I read the online book by James and it was quite informative.

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