[Sugar-devel] [RELEASE] Sugar-Artwork 0.111-libre unstable

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Sat Sep 16 01:07:36 EDT 2017

Hi Martin,

I would like to point out to you and the rest of the community that
initially this was a pull request. Gonzalo "unilaterally" shut down the
pull request calling it "nonsense". This arrogance prompted me to use
the privileges which I have gained in order to make a point, that this
is a grave issue that cannot be ignored any longer. And so I went ahead
and merged it.

I have given my reasons for this transgression of development process,
which nobody has been able to counter. I must insist in these
uncomfortable questions: /Do downstream distributors, downstream service
providers, and OLPC competitors, have permission to use this logo?/

Why don't you set the example and offer constructive alternatives
instead of making personal attacks?

Talking of "unilateral" decisions, who made James Cameron our release
manager? Walter? Unilaterally?

Just wondering.

For the record I support James 100% and will continue to offer my help
in any way that I can even to his proprietary Ubuntu fork (that OLPC
distributes privately including unpublished Debian packaging for many
Sugar activities).


On 15/09/17 13:04, Martin Abente wrote:
> Another unilateral action from Sebastian, and a unprecedented new low.
For what it's worth, I think I face stiff competition for that title.
> This "release" cannot be taken seriously.
Trademark and Copyright law need to be taken seriously if we want to
reach more children.
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