[Sugar-devel] Is it ok to host my activity in my Github repositories ?

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Fri Sep 15 07:07:21 EDT 2017

On 15/09/17 03:49, laurent bernabe wrote:
> Indeed, I first cloned Sugarizer repository from Github, copied
> activity template from inside it into the sugarizer activities directory.
> Then, as Sebastien Silva suggested me in order to correct a problem
> with my activity icon (appearing all black), I replaced the sugar-web
> folder with the one from Sugarizer top folder. *But the icon problem
> stayed the same : so I plan to put back the activity template version
> of sugar-web folder again.*
> *
> *
Ah, mi recommendation was wrong then. I thought you had used the
Sugar-Web template as is documented here

Lionel, we should really unify instructions and make sure Sugarizer Apps
run as Sugar Activities, even with the WebKit2 backend (last time I
checked, it only worked with Webkit1 which is deprecated everywhere and
only active by default on XO laptops.)

I have made a bug in Sugarizer for this in the past,
https://github.com/llaske/sugarizer/issues/116 and if there's anything
you'd like to add to /sugar-web/, OLPC (via James Cameron) has
unilaterally declared feature freeze for 0.112, but it shouldn't be a
problem since /sugar-web/ is not dinamically called but actually
embedded in /every/ activity.

Laurent, if it is the same bug I reported, then your activity will work
fine in Sugarizer and if Lionel will test on an XO, it will work fine in
Sugar too, but it won't work in Sugar outside XO because of the
aforementioned issue with environment detection for sugarizer's version
of sugar-web which only detects Webkit1 as Sugar otherwise just assumes
Sugarizer style journale etc.

Hope this helps,

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