[Sugar-devel] ASLO activities with no repository

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Mon May 22 04:05:42 EDT 2017

I thought we were past this discussion. Walter has requested the 
creation of repositories for activities for at least two years. We 
devoted a full GCI opportunity to porting activities to gtk3 and 
creating repositories for them. You sound like you are still in 
fundamental disagreement with this.

I think a decision needs to be made. A lot of time and effort (and 
discussion) has gone on based on the idea of maintaining activities from 
repositories. If we continue with the current use of bundles and 
metadata, a developer will need to make a bundle from his repository and 
submit it to the Developer Hub to be moderated before release on ASLO. 
With the release the devloper will need to update the metadata through 
the Developer Hub. If an activity is taken over by a new developer, 
someone will need to enable the devloper to get permission to submit the 

My understanding remains that our goal is to have each activity on ASLO 
be based on a repository (with a back-link in activity.info).

Let me ask the question this way, what's wrong with having a repository 
for each activity and moving the metadata to activity.info?


On 05/22/2017 03:19 PM, James Cameron wrote:
> That's no reason to create repositories.  Repositories should be
> created for source code development and maintenance, and they do not
> need to be created until such time as development and maintenance
> occurs.
> What's wrong with using the bundles and the existing database of metadata?
> On Mon, May 22, 2017 at 02:46:25PM +0800, Tony Anderson wrote:
>> Github is for developers and maintainers. This is where repositories should
>> be for activities, working or not. Making the changes to get the activity to
>> work are then documented and the activity can be released for publishing in
>> ASLO when ready.
>> The purpose of the email was to determine if there is a repository already
>> which should be the basis for changes and to avoid the firestorm of people
>> fearing that their git history will be destroyed. Of course, there is no
>> real risk since a repository from the bundle touches no one's repository.
>> Tony
>> On 05/22/2017 02:13 PM, James Cameron wrote:
>>> Why create repositories?  It seems a waste of time.
>>> Instead, continue to use the bundles.  There is everything needed in
>>> the bundle for running the activity.
>>> Repositories should not be made for an activity that does not work
>>> with the current verson of Sugar; the activity should be ported first.
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